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Real-time Multiplayer First-Person-Shooter in Flash! No extra plug-ins need to be installed for you to take to the battlefield and start firing rockets into the faces of your real-life opponents. The quick-fire 1v1 rounds are ideal if you want to get into a brawl quickly and then get back to work before the boss returns. This game is constantly evolving and being improved, so expect more…

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Date: 15th May 2008 Rating:


This is a remake of the classic game, and is pretty good fun, even if it is hard…

Cutie Quake

Cutie Quake

This is a really funny point & click shooter game, with excellent graphics, but…

Water Balloon Drop

Water Balloon Drop

You have to get points by throwing water balloons off a bridge at different targets.…

Ultrakillz can now be played at http://www.ultrakillz.com/play/


WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
1-6 or mousewheel to change ammo.
T to chat during a round.
Shift key to see the current round score.